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Grandpa Lost His Mind


 A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle


Q. Why are you doing this Grandpa?
A. Because I don't want to regret NOT DOING the things I have always dreamed about.

Q. No, really! Why?
A. Okay. It all began when my wife hatched a surefire plan to get rid of me. Knowing I needed to shape up a bit, she suggested I buy a bike and go for a ride to a different coast! Now I've been married long enough to know that those sweet words might never come around again ... so I'm outta here!.

Q. I bet you're doing this for your health. Right?
A. I am doing it as a physical and mental challenge to myself and it will be an exercise of dicipline and determination.

Q. Are you taking a cell phone?
A. Yes

Q. Are you taking a gun?
A. No. I will carry pepper spray.

Q. How will you update your journal?
A. Hopefully, I will access the internet several times per week.

Q. Will you have photos?
A. Yes, I'll upload photos as often as I can.

Q. Isn't 3 months a long time to be away on a bike?
A. Yes, but it's better than not being away on a bike.

Q. Will you miss your wife?
A. Most certainly.

Q. Will your wife miss you?
A. Like a hole in the head!

Q. Are you going to camp out?
A. Yes, and stay in motels a couple days per week.

Q. How far will you go in a day?
A. It depends on a lot of things like rain, heat, cold, and exhaustion but I'm expecting to average about 50 miles per day.

Q. What if it rains?
A. Life goes on. On easy rain days I'll ride .. on hard rain days I'll rest.

Q. How much weight will you lose?
A. None. I have proven this scientifically. I have ridden over a thousand miles on this bike and haven't lost an ounce.

Q. What is your biggest concern?
A. Making sure I will not run out of water on the long stretches.

Q. Are you going through a midlife crisis?
A. I only wish 59 was midlife!