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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

April 22      Miles 765 - Oklahoma City to Loveland, Co
April 23      Miles 773 - Colorado to Boise, Id
April 24      Miles 560 - Idaho to Florence, OR

Before all else, I have to thank my son, Matt, for driving me to Oregon. We have had a great time. I will never think this country doesn't have room for more people. There are endless stretches of highways with little towns of less than 50 population. These towns can be fifty miles apart with NO homes between. Each state is uniquely beautiful. We owe our forefathers a tremendous debt of gratitude for settling this vast land.


My Tanya and me The day and time finally arrived to say goodbye to my dear wife, Tanya.

We did a final weigh in of Ol' Blue, the trailer, and me.

Ol' Blue = 53 lbs

Trailer = 61

Grandpa =185

Grand total = 299 lbs
The metropolis of Slapout, OK                              My chauffeur, navigator, and son, Matt

This store is in Kenton, OK. Kenton is the only town in Oklahoma on mountain time. There are 18 people who reside here. When we arrived, this man was working on the gas pump and spraying gasoline on the gravel parking lot in front of the store. We asked him where the bathroom was and he said, "It's broke. Just go outside and piss agin' the wall like everyone else."

Molded dinosaur track from outside of Kenton                              8,000' elevation in NE New Mexico

My Tanya and me We were on backroads for about 500 miles this day. We drove from Kenton, OK for over 100 miles and never saw a single car or a single person. Neighbors can be 15 or 20 miles apart. There were many dead cows along the roads which died in the worst blizzard in 50 years in OK and NM. It was odd to see cattle roaming in unfenced areas. The countryside is just beautiful and very, very desolate. The roads are better than most in Oklahoma City but we went for about 15 miles which were suddenly unpaved and would be totally unpassable, in heavy rain, without four wheel drive.

Wyoming - endless fences and wide open spaces                              Utah - Sheer beauty

Has anyone lost some shoes? - in Oregon                              Bob Riley, did you buy a mountainside in Utah?