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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

July 7, 2007      Miles 68      Total miles 3796      Ended at: Radford, Virginia


There was an information box at this marker but there were no pamphlets in it. The tract of land where the "Poor House" was, is very, very pretty. This part of Virginia is so pleasing to the eye and mind. My first 20 miles today was very much like Oklahoma with a few steep hills tossed in so I wouldn't think I was home.

This scenery was very typical later in the day. I felt good in the morning and hoped to continue riding on low hills but it wasn't to be. There was very little traffic all day and I never worried about cars. Some of the roads were very narrow. I had a lot of very good downhill runs but believe me, I earned them. Supposedly, the hardest climb of the entire trip is outside of Vesuvius to get to the top of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then there are about 40 miles of very difficult riding along the top of the parkway.

I stopped to take a break at Carters Wayside in Wythe County when I met Carla (L), Ford, and Gail (R). Gail is the daughter of Ford and Gail and Carla are cousins. We visited for a while. They were the nicest people. They asked me what I eat on the road and I told them mainly hamburgers and junk food and Gail said I need some of her cornbread and beans. That sure sounded good as I ate a couple of boiled eggs.
I met John Zambenini, from Dayton, Ohio, as he was looking at his map at an intersection. He is 22 years old and left Yorktown last week and is heading for San Francisco. He is a recent college graduate and wanted to ride across America before looking for a job. He has friends who will meet him and ride with him for short distances. We visited a long time in the blazing sun before heading our own ways.
This church was built in 1895. It is next to a cemetary. One thing I noticed about many of the old churches in Kentucky and Virginia is they are usually built high upon a hillside with a fabulous view of a valley or mountain.