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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 27, 2007      Miles 63      Total miles 3341      Ended at: Hodgenville, Kentucky


I was surprised when I got up this morning that it wasn't raining. It rained during the night and I rode all day without getting wet. Some of the riding was on steep hills but for the most part it was a good day without just wearing me out.
It was very hilly around this lake. Most of the boats are house boats and I noticed that many of them have satellite antennas on them. I thought they needed to be on something very stationary but obviously not.
Before I started my trip, I rode Ol' Blue for over 1,700 miles. I have gone over 3,300 miles in the last couple of months so together we have traveled over 5,000 miles. I haven't a single complaint about the bike except it is very hard to climb mountains and steep hills on a recumbent but I have done it and I don't complain any more than people on their upright bikes. Where a recumbent really shines is on flat land or moderate hills.
Another great old house.
I rode on a lot of roads like this today which were narrow and steep but the good thing was I rode for several hours with very littly traffic. I don't even mind the hills so much if the traffic isn't too bad. The farther east I go, the more traffic I am getting into. The people in Kentucky have been very nice.
I was riding near a country store when Matt, Roger, and Vivian flagged me down. They were eating a pretty good meal of sandwiches when I got there. We visited for an hour before I left. They have all quit their jobs and are riding at a more moderate pace. They said they have taken five rest days since leaving Virginia. They were surprised when I told them I had taken three days off on my trip because of weather and tire problems. I probably should have taken a day off after the Ozarks but I finally recovered.
I have noticed a lot of the old country churches are right next to cemetaries.
This house caught my attention and I went and talked to the lady who lives there. Her fiance is in Iraq and is supposed to come home in two weeks but she said there is talk they are going to extend his tour. She did not want her picture taken.
I keep telling you about the reputation of the dogs in Kentucky. This one was charging me and I hollered, "Bad boy! Stay! Stop!" but it didn't do any good so I hollered, "Point" and he is probably still there. When in Kentucky, you have to do as the Kentuckians do.
I passed another road side produce stand and bought four pounds of peaches. I went to the house and knocked on the door but no one was home. The peaches were a dollar per pound so I went back to the stand and saw an open can which said, "please pay for produce here" so I put my four bucks in the can. There was quite a bit of other money in the can. I guess the people here are very honest.
I thought there would be a motel in this town because there are over 2,000 people here but there is only one and no one was there. I asked a policeman where I could pitch a tent and he said I could go to the city park but it is fenced and they had it locked. I finally came back into town and am at a church. There was a black man leaving the parking lot and I asked him if he is the pastor and he said yes. He told me I could put my tent up here. I gave him half of my peaches and he was very pleased.

Before I got to the church I saw Ron and Karen in their motor home. They stopped and we visited again. I saw him the first time in Wyoming and the second time in Missouri. He is getting pretty tired and his voice seems to be cracking. He told me he took a rest day since I saw him.