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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 26, 2007      Miles 72      Total miles 3278      Ended at: Falls of Rough, Kentucky


After eating breakfast at a cafe in Sebree I left. It was around 7:30. This picture is a coal fired electric generating plant outside of Sebree.
I am starting to see more tobacco fields among the corn and soybean crops. The tobacco crops are much smaller and I think the biggest I have seen so far are probably no more than a few acres. My son, Perry, used to work in the tobacco fields in North Carolina and he told me once tobacco is a very labor intensive product. It isn't one of those, "set it and forget it" crops like corn, wheat, or soybeans. It has to be tended throughout its growth process and when it is time to harvest it, the work has just begun. It has to be dried in a drying barn after it has been graded and put on tier sticks. I don't really know anything about the business except there is a lot of work to it. Years ago, the government heavily subsidize the tobacco industry. I doubt they still do.

This part of Kentucky is very pretty. The riding is getting harder but today I rode for many miles under a nice canopy of trees. Even with the heat and humidity, it felt so nice not to have the sun beating down on me. The eastern part of Kentucky is supposed to be some of the hardest riding of my trip. I will not put in too many miles per day when I hit the really bad parts of Appalachia.
Anthony, on the left, and Joe started riding from Virginia Beach 23 days ago. They both just graduated college and decided to ride across the country this summer. There were originally four who were going to ride but the other two wised up and backed out. They will finish their ride in Astoria, Oregon.
I don't know if the water in this pond is naturally this color or if it has had some sort of dye put in it. The terrain is getting hillier and the climbs are quite steep in this part.