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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 13, 2007      Miles No ride today      Total miles 2547      Ended at: Eureka, Kansas


Each day before I start my ride, I check over my equipment and gear. I started realizing when I got into Kansas that my trailer tires were wearing out. Today as I checked them over I noticed a bulge in one tire and it was my tube coming through the tire. You can see by the photo the tire has worn completely through. I put a big patch on my innertube where it had protruded through the hole and worn out. My tire on the other side of the trailer was almost to the same point. Josh, who I camped with a couple of nights ago, gave me an extra tire he had and I installed it. I decided I couldn't take a chance on riding with such a bad tire in the remote areas I am in so I made a call to Burley, the manufacturer of this trailer and they are going to send me two new tires by overnight express. Hopefully, I will get them early enough tomorrow so I can get on the road again. The white spot in the photo is the hole.

Since I will have nothing to write about today, I would like to reintroduce Karl Schapiro from New York. I met Karl and his beautiful wife, Sima, in Dillon, Colorado. I told you about his family being the only Jewish survivors during the Holocaust in a town of 5,500 Jews. I keep saying that everyone has a story. Karl has a story which should be heard and if you will read his account you will find it fascinating. This biography was written by a high school senior. In an effort to keep the stories of the survivors from being forgotten, Karl goes to schools and speaks about tolerance, hatred, and personal responsibility. Please take the time to read Karl Schapiro's biography.

Along the same lines of us not taking our freedoms for granted, you may read my wifes letter to family and friends the day she got her United States citizenship. Our freedoms are far from free. Tanya's letter is on the bottom of this page.

I hope to be back on the road again tomorrow by noon.