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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 12, 2007      Miles 36      Total miles 2547      Ended at: Eureka, Kansas


When I got out of my tent this morning, Josh had already packed his tent and was fixing a breakfast of oatmeal and peanut butter and studying his maps for the day. I wasn't planning to ride with him because he rides too hard and fast for me. Josh is living in Eugene, Oregon and started his bike ride where I did, in Florence. He too is going to the coast of Virginia but will stop to see his family in Charlottesville, VA where they all moved from New York. He just quit his job as a social worker to go back to school to get a second bachelor's degree so he can go to medical school. He is a fine young man and I am happy to have spent time getting to know him.

The town of Cassoday doesn't have too many people but it has trains which run through the town every hour and when they are a block from the city park, they blow their whistle, which almost flaps the walls of the tent. There is a rail road crossing by the park so they blow that whistle for a long time. The trains came by all night. I ate breakfast at the cafe, which was closed yesterday, and the people asked me how I liked sleeping by the train tracks. They said they are used to it and don't even notice it. There was an old guy in the cafe, who has a habit of ordering his food then remembering he left his teeth at home. The waitress brought him a set of those yakkity teeth in a box. He took it all in good humor.

Kyle and Sarah are the only cyclists I met today. They are from Covington, Virginia. They are retired and decided to ride their bikes across America in their first year of retirement. They did a couple of pretty good rides in Virginia to prepare for their cross country trip. They have been married for 38 years.
It was foggy today until nearly 11:00 AM. It was windy and I thought it was strange the wind didn't lift the fog earlier. I know I made a big deal about how flat Kansas is. It has gone from being flat as a table top, to rolling hills, to this.

For those of you who have followed my trip, you might remember Mrs. Gorp and Stumpknocker. I met them in Yellowstone National Park. A friend of theirs, Lee Perry, has informed me they have finished their trans America bike ride and have decided to ride their bicycles back across the United States along a northern route!

I met the lovliest young lady at the laundry mat tonight. Her name is Beth and she is a student studying Elementary Education. She just got married and her husband is studying Physical Education. She just bought a house here in Eureka which has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. You won't believe the price she paid. It was $18,000 ... not $180,000, but $18,000. That is incredible. She was painting inside and that is what the white dots are on her. I hope they both have a lifetime of happiness together.