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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 11, 2007      Miles 40      Total miles 2511      Ended at: Cassoday, Kansas


Today was a pretty draining day. It was hot and windy and you can see by the pictures below the roads were long and hilly.

There seems to be more of an even mix of corn and wheat in this area. The fields aren't nearly as big as the ones in western Kansas but they are still huge. There are more and more cattle in this area too.
Kansas seems to be populated with a lot of Mennonites. There are many Mennonite Churches, especially in the central part of Kansas where I have been traveling. The towns are getting bigger and bigger. Most have a population of several hundred or even several thousand, compared to the northwest where many of the towns had only a hundred people or less.
When I got to Cassoday, Kansas, I was tired from the wind and hills and I was hungry. There is a cafe on this street but it is closed on Mondays. The only place which was open was the post office. I asked the clerk if there was a place to get something to eat in town and she told me about a gas station which carries some snacks. I went there and had a chicken salad sandwich, some Cheetos, and two Mountain Dews. There were several local patrons and some other cyclists I visited while there.

I was very tired by the time I got to Cassoday and didn't feel like going to the next town of Eureka so I went to a very nice city park and saw Josh Sinkin setting up his tent. I saw him ride by, very fast,while I was in the gas station. Here he is cooking some beans and chili and making himself a peanut butter sandwich. We visited for a while before heading to our tents for the night. Josh is riding pretty hard and is going to Virginia to see his family. He says he misses them a lot. We were talking and I told him I have a web site called Grandpa lost his mind and he says, "You're Grandpa! I've been hearing about you since Wyoming!" I don't know if that is good or bad. Ha!