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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 5, 2007      Miles 90      Total miles 2118      Ended at: Haswell, CO


I rode more miles than I would normally because of several reasons. This was my first real day of not being in the mountains. Even though it was gently rolling hills it wasn't the grind of climbing in low gears hours at a time. Also, it was my first day to get to wear warm weather clothing. I don't handle the cold like some people do. The wind was blowing hard but it was blowing directly at my side and not in my face. This part of Colorado has very few places to eat or pitch a tent. I had to get to a town which had a few services.
This is the Howse's from England. They are going east to west across America and they will end up in Vancouver, Canada. They started their trip on April 5. They also warned me about the ankle biting dogs in Kentucky and were upset that the owners encourage their dogs to go after bikers. I have heard this from everyone coming from the east.
Someone must have thought Grandpa needed a little encouragement.
As I left Pueblo, there were wild flowers for at least twenty miles.

But not everything was pretty.
And here are a couple more correctional facilities.

Getting over the walls would not be easy with all that razor wire.
I stopped in at Kiki's place for lunch and had Bierock. I told Kiki it is a Russian dish and she said her mother fixed it for her when she was a child and she serves it in her restaurant. It was very good.

I have no idea what this yard decoration is but I am sure it adds to the value of the property.
This is Frank Ging and EJ Scott and they are on a coast to coast tour to raise funds for Choroideremia (CHM) research. CHM is a rare inherited disorder that causes progressive loss of sight due to degeneration of the choroid and retina. E J has only 25% of his vision left and is making a documentary of their trip. Al Ging is riding his bicycle across America while Frank and EJ support him from a motor home. Al's son also has CHM. I regret I do not have a photo of Al. He is riding from Los Angeles to Long Island.
I knew if I didn't get on the road I would end up riding in the dark. I still had about 15 miles to go to Haswell. It turned out that I had to ride in the dark after all and I have no lights. The good thing is that there is literally no traffic on this road at night. I think I was passed by three vehicles. I made it to Haswell at 9:00 PM.