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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 4, 2007      Miles 54      Total miles 2028      Ended at: Pueblo, CO


I wanted to stop at the Royal Gorge yesterday when I got to Canon City but it was pouring rain. I rode another ten miles to my motel. I thought about going back today but because it would be backtracking and mainly because it would have been an uphill climb I decided not to go. I have been there twice in the past few years and it is a spectacular sight to see.
This was taken outside Canon City. I figured it was going to rain pretty hard later.
The picture above ended up looking like this about an hour later.
It is great to live in a country with so many freedoms. It is sad our prisons are filled with people who take a chance on losing their freedoms by doing foolish things. This is part of a huge complex outside of Florence, Colorado.

I was sure happy to be going down instead of up.

These two photos were taken in the area near Pueblo, Colorado. It is very pretty here. As I go east of Pueblo, the terrain will flatten and services will become more and more sparse.

The parts of Pueblo I rode through were very clean and very pretty. The city park is just beautiful and there were many, many people enjoying it when I went by it at 4:30 PM. This is a picture of Central High School in Pueblo.
Dave and Cookie Wiebe saw me make a wrong turn and came to let me know there was nothing in the direction I was going. I was trying to find a bike shop because I had flats on both of my trailer wheels today. I finally got thick walled tubes with Slime in them for the trailer. They are from Newton, Kansas and are riding their tandem bicycle to San Jose, California to a Mennonite Church convention. As they ride, they are trying to raise $10,000 for health workers in Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda to help fight AIDS. The money will be used to buy bicycles so the workers can travel farther and carry more gear than on foot. The bicycles will also be set up to carry a patient if it is needed. So far, they have raised $6,000. Two years ago they rode to Charlotte, North Carolina to the Mennonite convention.