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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

June 3, 2007      Miles 75      Total miles 1974      Ended at: Canon City, CO


I stayed at the Hand Hotel last night in a town called Fairplay. It was built in the early thirties. It is a bed and breakfast and I think the price was $65. The people at all these motels are good about letting me bring Ol' Blue in the building. I like motels with access from the outside rather than those where I have to roll the bike in the lobby and down a hallway. They had a very nice breakfast with a lot of fruits which I like. It was bright outside with a favorable wind for me. I visited with some of the other guests before leaving.
When I left town, I had the wind at my back and a very slight downhill ride. It was like that for the first twenty miles and I was making good time and feeling good. The picture on the left is looking back on the town of Fairplay at the base of the mountain and the one on the right is looking south in the direction I am going. What a difference a day makes! I went from mountains to semi-flat land.

I stopped at a very tiny place called Alma because they had a sign that there was a library. I thought I would use their internet service to upload yesterdays journal. They didn't have internet access. While I was there I met these three people. They were interested in Ol' Blue and I tried to work out a swap with them but to no avail.
When I left Alma the weather started changing. Around here, it can change in a moment. The wind was still at my back but it was drizzling.

I was only a half mile from Alma when I saw Johann (L) and Rob coming up the hill. They are both from the Netherlands. Johann is an ambulance nurse and Rob is a nurse practitioner. They met in a coronary care unit as colleagues and they have been riding from Yorktown, Virginia since April 17. I meant to ask Rob if he reads that book on his bike when he is riding. They are carrying a lot of weight on their bikes. They asked me if I had seen Jeff or Mette and Stephen. I told them I saw them two days earlier. Jeff was in Kremmling and Mette and Stephen were outside of Silverthorne.
All day, I was dodging rain. It would be in front, behind, and on both sides of me but all I got was a few sprinkles.
This was a pretty scene for me. I love to just look at these huge animals. It is hard to imagine that once there were millions of them on the open prairies.

You kids stay together.

Right beside the ranch where the buffalo were, I had another flat on my trailer. I don't know how many I have had but it is more than my fair share. It is very aggravating. I want to make it to Canon City (pronounced Canyon City) today because there is a bike shop there and I will get some slime which is a goo you put in the tube and it will seal the small leaks.

I thought I was through with the mountain passes but I overlooked one. It is Currant Creek Pass. It was a ten mile climb. Most of it was easy but about two miles was a good workout. This is near the top.

Shortly after going over the top of Currant Creek Pass I started a fabulous downhill ride for at least 25 miles. I am talking about a very steep down hill run.
I met Kyle along the side of the road. He had a flat but his new tube had a hole in it. I had one patch left out of at least a dozen which Jerod, back in Oregon, gave me. I gave it to Kyle and he got his tube patched and made it to his truck. He had been riding about forty miles when he had the flat and rode another 20 miles to his truck. He was going uphill and I am telling you it was a tough uphill. He was riding with his girlfriend who had just left on her bike for help. He told me they got drenched by rain and that the lightning was so bad they had to take shelter.
Shortly after going over the top of Currant Creek Pass I started a fabulous downhill ride for at least 25 miles. I am talking about a very steep down hill run. This could have been called a ride of a lifetime if it did not start raining on me. I had been lucky all day with the rain. It finally caught up with me about 15 miles from Canon City. When I got to the motel I was drenched. They have a laundry here so I cleaned and dried everything.