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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 31, 2007      Miles 21      Total miles 1820


When I started planning my ride across America, I wanted to do it by myself just because that is me. I am riding alone but I am not riding without the help of a lot of people. I have had a support group of people I never knew until each time I ran into a disaster. The strange thing is that in each instance where someone stepped in, I never asked for their help. They were there and in each case they were eager to help a total stranger. I appreciate all the encouragement I get from the many emails I get from family, friends, and people I don't even know. I especially appreciate the support I get from my dear wife, Tanya. Without her, I could never have made this trip.
Geri's husband, Ed, went back to Walden and picked up my wallet from Rachel who found it in the parking lot yesterday. It was 120 miles round trip. I am so thankful for all of their help. I went to the west side of town to eat at a cafe. The T-bone steak lunch was $7.95 and was delicious. The manager brought out the three shrimp later and gave them to me and wanted to know my opinion about if they were to offer the shrimp and steak together for $9.95 if I thought it would bring customers. I told her I would be happy to pay that for this meal.

I got a very late start today so I decided to just go to the next town and ride slow against a very strong headwind. I was going downhill thank goodness. These train tracks are still used. I have seen many miles of train tracks ripped up but no new construction anywhere along my route.

I watched these two guys fire off a lot of rounds from their handguns. I don't know what kind of gun the guy in the wheel chair is using but it was plenty loud and you can see it had a powerful kick to it.

It is only 17 miles from Hot Sulpher Springs to Kremmling and I wanted to go there because there is a bike shop there and I knew I was on borrowed time with my patched up tubes and I wanted to replace them. My next fifty miles will be the hardest of my trip. It is all uphill and I may break it into two days. I had another flat on my bike. The tube had a long slit in it. I don't know how it happened because there was no puncture on the tire. I patched it but it only lasted a few minutes. I decided to use my spare tube which was new but had four holes in it. I patched all of them and felt pretty good and rode for another mile or two and it went flat again. I was only four miles from Kremmling and decided to just push my bike rather than ruin my wheel rim. Pushing a bike with a flat and a trailer is no easy task. Their combined weight is 120 pounds.
I was trudging along when Cynthia passed me, turned around and came back to see if I needed help. Ha! Did I ever! She said she saw the American flag on my bike and just couldn't pass without seeing if she could help. She was in the navy as a meteorologist in the seventies and has two sons in the Marine Corps. One son is in Iraq now and the other is getting ready to go for his second tour. We loaded up Ol' Blue and the trailer and she took me to see John, owner of Motion Sports, who fixed me up with thick walled tubes. Cynthia is a red, white, and blue patriot and I got a wonderful hug from a very lovely and special lady. I later rode back to where she picked me up so I wouldn't have any skips in my route.
I am staying at the Hotel Easton which was built in 1906. The rate is $35 per night and I just love it here.

So again, I had the help from a woman who was driving in the opposite direction I was going. She stopped, took me into Kremmling and made sure I was taken care of, then left. She, like all the other people who have helped me, asked for nothing in return.