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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 26, 2007      Miles 82      Total miles 1579


When the sun goes down around here it gets cold pretty fast. I was visiting with Jesse, Tad, and Dan last night and decided to go to bed. They stayed up and talked. There were a lot of young people in the park having a good time. I heard some young girl, named Mercedes, come over and chat with the guys for a while. Next thing I knew it was morning. I got up and Jesse was fixing breakfast for everybody. He eats very healthy foods and nuts, fruits, and grains are a big part of his diet.

As Jesse was grinding his coffee beans by hand, I noticed he was using a different type grinder. He said, "Oh, it's just something I carved." He also carved this spoon and etched his coffee cup with some scenes.

Dan wasn't expecting to wake up to hot coffee and hot cakes. This is Tad, Jesse, and Dan ... three young men I am happy crossed my path.

Jesse has walked for two years pulling his possessions with his homemade rickshaw. He carries a total of 225 pounds everywhere he goes. When he started walking he weighed 175 lbs and lost down to 125 lbs but he is stable at 165 lbs of pure muscle now.
My nemesis for the day was Beaver Rim. It was six miles of six percent grade. The photo on the right is looking back over the valley I left behind. Directly in the center of the picture on the right is a verticle white line. That is one of the roads I was on.

In the sage covered prairie lands of Wyoming you can see Antelope everywhere. Some seem very frightened but others are more brave.

May 27, 2007      Miles 48      Total miles 1627
Last night I pulled into Muddy Gap right before the sun went down and it was getting cold. Muddy Gap has one gas station/store and a house across the street. I pitched my tent on the side of the road. There was a lot of truck traffic all night and it was noisy. When I woke up this morning I looked across the road about three hundred yards away and saw Dan and Tad's tent. They must have ridden in the dark. I couldn't believe I had a cell phone signal and I called Tanya to have her check the weather for the day. It was very, very windy and she told me I would be riding straight into a 20-25 MPH headwind. It was a miserable day of riding. I was going uphill all day, crossed two more Continental Divides, and the wind never ceased. I didn't see any people but I sure saw a lot of antelope.

I don't have many pictures today because this road is on pure prairie land. For thirty miles this is what was on the left and right side of the road.