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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 25, 2007      Miles 81      Total miles 1497


Dubois, Wyoming has to be one of the most isolated towns in America. The nearest Walmart is 80 miles away and the nearest mall is 300 miles. I like this log church house.

This is Chandler's Ranchhouse and that is Lance Chandler building a playground for kids who visit the restaurant. The name above the restaurant is made with antlers. Lance is a retired structural engineer and boasts that he works for his two young sons, Shannon and Bronlin, who are both chefs. Lance told me they depend on tourism which includes rock climbing, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, spelunkering, and backpacking to name a few.

I am going to put up some photos so you can see the dramatic changes in mountains compared to the previous ones I have shown. You will notice also that there is a lot of going up hill in this pictures.

I was about forty miles away from Dubois when I heard someone holler, "Go Sooners!" It was Dan, on the right, who is from Edmond, Oklahoma. He said he couldn't believe he was seeing an OU flag here in Wyoming on a bicycle. We talked on the side of the road for at least an hour and were laughing because we had a tremendous tailwind which was almost pushing us. Tad, in green, and Dan both attend Colorado State University and decided to ride their bikes from Colorado to Jackson, Wyoming while they are out of school. We decided to camp out together in Landers which was another forty miles away. In the meantime the wind had switched 180 degrees into our faces. They rode ahead and we met later.
I was riding on the Wind River Indian Reservation and it was a beautiful sight until I got to the only town on the reservation on this road. On the west end of the reservation the homes were very nice and kept up. The little town of Fort Washakie was a dramatic contrast to the other parts of the reservation. This town consists of Arapaho and Shoshone Indians. I was told there is bad blood between the two tribes and it isn't a particularly good place for a white guy to hang out. I kept going and it was rather sad because the ditch along the road was littered with beer bottles for miles. There was no litter anywhere on the reservation until Fort Washakie.
The town of Landers is like an oasis in the heart of Wyoming. It is a beautiful town with about 7,000 people. When I pulled up to the city park, Tad and Dan were already there. They just met Jesse Whitecrow and introduced me. Jesse has been walking across America for a couple of years now and is making a path shaped like a "W" as he navigates across. He started in Maine and will end up in Washington. He has walked nearly 7,000 miles and is working on a book about his experience. Before starting his trip he taught college. He stayed in the park last night and in the middle of the night some guy started screaming and beating his tent with a stick. Jesse jumped out of his tent and started screaming and chased the guy. The guy ran into a tree and kept going.