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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 24, 2007      Miles 56      Total miles 1416


Today was not a very exciting day. The weather was looking pretty good but rain was coming from the west. There was no hot food where I stayed so I bought a burrito and heated it in the microwave and I was on my way. I was very concerned about my left knee and how it would hold up climbing the next mountain. Togwotee Pass would be my highest so far. It was twenty miles to the top and it took me nearly four hours. It has a 6% grade which is a very hard climb but not as bad as a couple others I have done.
The scenery going up was very nice but it was raining and I decided to ride instead of take pictures. Here is one near the top. I don't know what the vegetation is but it is different than any I have seen on the other mountains. My knee didn't bother me as much as I thought it might but I am feeling it now.
This is the third time I have crossed the Continental Divide in Wyoming. Once I got to the top, I thought I would have a very fast run for the next twenty five or thirty miles but it wasn't to be.
Highway 287 has been a mess since I left the National Park. It is rough and there are lines in the road every forty or fifty feet and plenty of potholes. I held my brakes all the way down because I was worried about hitting a pothole and blowing out a tire or bending my wheels. I still enjoyed the very easy ride to Dubois. It was nearly all downhill. I was drenched when I got here because I got caught in the rain several times coming down the mountain.
It was snowing big flakes but it didn't feel too cold at all. Nothing was sticking to the ground. I stayed on top just to enjoy my surroundings.

I like the jagged edged mountains and these are different because you can see different layers of earth on the mountains.

This was about the only sign of life I saw today.
Tomorrow, I hope to put in at least 60 miles because I will be going over the Wind River Indian Reservation and there is nothing in the way of services between Dubois and Lander. The weather is supposed to be in the fifties so that will be great.
The coloring is changing a lot now that I am getting into prairie land.