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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 15, 2007      Miles 51      Total miles 955


I liked Missoula a lot. It is a pretty town and a clean town. One thing stood out for me and that was the fact that there were so many people outside enjoying the outdoors. There are people, young and old, on bicycles. There were a lot of young people on skateboards and many people just walking and enjoying the beautiful weather they are having now. There were a lot of friends and lovers walking hand in hand. Missoula is a college town and most of the students are gone. I can imagine the streets would be even more full of young people when the school session begins. I don't know what the building on the right is but it is very pretty.
Before I left Oklahoma City, I was having some problems with my right knee. After about twenty miles of riding I would get pain in my knee. I went to my doctor to see if he would give me a steroid shot. He wouldn't do it but sent me to a sports doctor. The sports doctor told me he would prefer to try using an anti-inflamatory drug. I have been using a generic medication for Celebrex and it has done wonders. I have had no pain on any day of my trip. My pills were getting low so I decided to go into Missoula to get a refill and I am glad I did because it would be a shame to miss this lovely town.
Waving goodbye to me as I left Missoula going back to Lolo.
Missoula is also the headquarters for the American Cycling Association. Since I am a member, I decided to stop in since it was only a few blocks from my motel. They ended up taking a picture of me to hang on their wall of fame. They also gave me ice cream, juice, a Tshirt and a water bottle.

Lolo was about 12 miles from where I stayed last night. For sixteen miles after Lolo there is a wonderful bike/jogging trail. You can see by these photos that it is used a lot. There are plans to extend the trail many more miles.

The cat tails aren't very pretty this time of year but the birds just love playing and hiding in them.
These little critters are the cutest things but the farmers are not fond of them. You can see they create big holes in the ground and a horse or cow can break a leg if they step in one of the holes. They have elaborate underground tunnels and they communicate with each other with squeaking sounds.

Along the bike trail, there are shaded benches like these. These are put up by Boy Scouts who are getting credit toward their Eagle Scout rating. They collect money from contributions to build these very nice seats.
A couple of farm scenes. I love the jagged mountain behind the barn on the left.

This is John Lester of Missoula. He is known as Cheddar Head by a lot of his friends because he comes from Wisconsin. I met him at the end of the sixteen mile bike path. We talked biking for a bit and I learned that he hiked the Pacific Crest Trail a few years ago. He started in Campo, CA and hiked all the way through deserts and mountains to Canada. The trip was over 2,600 miles long and it took him five and a half months. He averaged close to 18 miles per day carrying over 50 lbs of gear. His highest point was 13,000' on Mt. Whitney. He is anxious to hear from the Peace Corps soon. He put in an application to work in any country. He says it can take two years to get approved but he is hoping to hear something this month. Good luck John! Here is another example of someone doing something simply to help others in need. He will not be paid while in the Peace Corp and it is a two year commitment.

I won't be mentioning the Peace Corps and their two year commitment thing to my wife. I just know the next time she gets upset with me she will suggest that I might consider joining the Peace Corps.
I am now in Hamilton, MT and the lay of the land is similar to parts of Oklahoma. Check out the size of these trees.
Everyone should have a driveway like this.
Got milk?