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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 14, 2007      Miles 41      Total miles 904


I stayed in a small cabin at Lolo Hot Springs last night. There is a natural spring which comes out of the ground and the water temperature is between 101 degrees and 106 degrees. I had the pool to myself and it was very refreshing.
These rocks, alongside the road, are huge but there are some in the area which stand about 100' tall.
The scenery at this point is much like Oregon and Idaho. It is obvious that cattle and horses play a big part in the economy of this part of Montana. There are a lot of cowboys in the area.
Here is another sign we don't have in Oklahoma. The one activity I just don't get is people who get their kicks out of shooting at road signs. I noticed that a lot in Oregon and Idaho.
Could I be related? I've been told about a terrible stubborn streak in me.

This is a beautiful public school on the side of a mountain.
Today's ride was pretty much all downhill. I came into Missoula (pronounced Mizooula) to take care of some errands. I will backtrack tomorrow back to the town of Lolo to start a southeast heading towards Wyoming. I had to contend with some very heavy traffic for the 10 miles between Lolo and Missoula. Missoula is a very pretty and clean town. There are many people here who commute by bicycle. I have seen hundreds here. There are bike paths all over this town of 57,000 people.
My wife, Tanya, loves Redbud trees. I don't believe this is actually a Redbud but it is close enough. So, this is for you Honey.
This is Ian Makendrich from Australia. He is traveling around the world on this bicycle. He landed in America at LaGuardia airport in New York and has been traveling across the United States for several months. He is heading now to San Francisco to meet some friends. He has been riding across the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and Greece prior to coming here. He had a bit of misfortune here in Montana. He went into a restroom at a reststop and when he came out, someone had gotten into the front bag and stole all his cash, his credit cards, his identity, and airline tickets. His bicycle looks rough but he has very expensive components on it. I tried to help him out a little.

Here is one more pretty farm scene.
Missoula has a very nice memorial park for Korean and Vietnam war veterans. Here are a couple of the memorials.