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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

April 26, 2007      Miles 38      Total miles 105


I got on the road around 10:45 this morning. I was so worn out from the long ride the day before that I slept for 13 hours. It was very foggy again and I packed my tent wet. It was only about 10 miles into Eugene and once I got there I spent time visiting with some very nice people. I met a young lady, named Caroline, who helped get me back on the right track after making a wrong turn. I was able to visit with my wife, by phone, and she was saddened at the loss of her step father, Ivan, in Russia. It gave me a lot to think about as I rode on through the day. Eugene is a very biker friendly town. There is a bike path all the way across the city. The people there were very friendly and I had many people ask me about my strange contraption which I ride on. The bike trail is called Fern Ridge Bike Trail and it is used extensively. There were many young and old people using it for biking, roller blading, and walking.

This is one of the first sights I saw when I got into Eugene. As I rode on, I saw several more. I am not sure but I expect it is some type of eagle but the bird wasn't all that big.

This is Ann and Oscar and they are the owners of this fine restaurant which serves South American cuisine and they do a fine job of it. Oscar is from El Salvadore and Ann came from Portland. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the inside. It is a beautiful place. They also own another restaurant in Eugene. As I was leaving, they presented me with a T-shirt to commemorate my trip. On the back it says, "If it feels good, don't stop!" I had a good laugh with that because so far it hasn't felt too good.

Before I began this trip my sisters were giving me all sorts of ideas as to things I should do. My sister, Andrea, has a fascination with picturesque barns. I decided I would take pictures of some of the pretty barns but it turned out that there is a beautiful barn around every corner and it wouldn't be possible to stop for every one and expect to ever finish this trip. A great way to see beautiful Oregon is to come and visit but I would suggest doing it in a Cadillac!!

I spent time in Eugene chatting with a lot of nice people. Time got away from me so I ended my day in a small community which is not incorporated into a town, so there really isn't a name. It isn't too far from Walterville. I met a young pastor and his wife and asked them if I could set my tent behind the church and they invited me to do so. Pastor Craig Curtis came out and visited me that evening and invited me into the church the next morning to freshen up. How nice!

I followed rivers the first couple of days and there are many pretty bridges which cross the rivers. This is just one of them. Most of the roads have been similar to this. I am always concerned about sunburn but there is a lot of shade over the road which I am traveling.