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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 11, 2007      Miles 49      Total miles 750


White Bird, ID is a town of 100 residents. It is way down in the valley and there aren't too many buildings in the town. There are, however, three churches on Main St.

I left the Starlight Motel around 10:00 AM thinking I would get an early start to get over the next mountain pass. I pulled in to this place. It is the local bar/restaurant/game room/local meeting place. The lady on the right is Millie. I joined her for breakfast and conversation. I'm glad I did. While other people were telling me how I was going to die going over that pass, Millie assured me that if I made it out of Hell's Canyon then this would be easier. This was a longer climb but I found it to be easier than coming out of Hell's Canyon. I had the best breakfast for $5.00. I enjoyed the company, the laughs, and the conversation with the patrons and workers that I didn't leave until noon. Millie was bemoaning the fact that the government is introducing Grizzly Bears and wolves into the area. The lady who cooked my breakfast brought over a bunch of 8X10 glossy pictures of two huge cougars her nephew shot near White Bird. Millie has lived here all her life and would be a good tour guide for anyone wanting to visit in this part of Idaho. She told me to be sure and stock up on food and water when I get to Three Rivers because it will be 100 miles to the next store. That was very valuable information.

Here are a couple of pictures I like.

It was a constant climb with switchbacks all the way to the top of White Bird Hill. It is a beautiful sight.

I am on the opposite side of the hill I started on. You can see some of the switchbacks I have already finished. In the second picture .. toward the lower left side .. you can see a car which failed to make a turn and ended up far below in a ravine. It may appear as a light colored rock on your computer.

The yellow fields off in the distance are fields of canola, from which Canola Oil is made.

Here is another of those nests like I saw in Eugene, OR. My sister informed me that it is the nest of an Osprey.
I was tired after climbing that mountain and made it to the town of Grangeville. I had only ridden about twenty five miles and my map showed that I had a downhill run for a long way. I left Grangeville and the descent began and what a ride it was. It was some of the most picturesque scenery I have ever seen. The road was very smooth and I was flying down the hill for at least ten miles twisting and turning with the road. I was leaning hard into the turns then started worrying about my trailer tipping over at such high speeds. It can take hours to get to the top of the mountains and only minutes to get to the bottom. From the time I took the picture on the right until I was on the road beside that river was just a matter of minutes.