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Grandpa Lost His Mind
A Journal - Crossing America by Bicycle

May 6, 2007      Miles 66      Total miles 505


Last night I was wanting to ride a little farther but darkness was creeping in on me so I found a spot to set up Big Agnes in a secluded spot. I slept good and when I woke, once again, the water in my bottles had ice in them. The night temperatures are around 28 degrees. I got on the road by 9:30 and knew I had a downhill ride most of the day with the exception of a climb outside Baker City.

This is far enough off the road that no one will see me or bother me. When I leave, I leave no trace of being there. There just isn't much around this area except mountains, prairies, and wide open spaces.

There are a lot of ghost towns in Oregon. I haven't seen any but you can't go too far around here without seeing abandoned sites like this.

The odd thing about this picture is there isn't a house in sight of these mailboxes in any direction.

I liked this pig. It came running right up to me ... probably to see what the smell was! It ALMOST makes me want to swear off BLT's.
I finally reached Baker City. It is quite a nice town. Here are a couple of beautiful old buildings. One is the court house and the other, of course, is a church.

Almost immediately after leaving Baker City it becomes very dry like and you see plenty of irrigators. Actually, you see these type irrigators all over Oregon.

Here is an old workhorse.

Who would think the story of a tree would be so interesting?

These are actually old wagon tracks which were part of the Oregon Trail. It is hard to imagine that people came from all over the country to Oregon by horseback and wagons. But there was a lot of gold in these hills. People are still prospecting here.
Today I was riding on very empty roads for miles and there would be absolutely nothing besides the local landscape. Then suddenly, there would be a big ranch. These people had tons of hay.

As I was shooting this cliff, I noticed one of the holes, on the far right side of the picture, has a nest of some kind in it.

Tomorrow will probably be a short day. I have to pace my ride so I can find a camp ground. It is one thing to camp in a densly wooded forest but in this area it is wide open spaces and it is fenced off. I'm not going to hop someones fence to set up camp. Tonight I am in another town of about 120 people called Richland. I will start my day with a seven mile climb. Ugh!